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     Background on ANs
ANs - brief, laymen's text FAQ
ANs - treatment options,brief
ANs - better with illustrations
ANs - complete, w/medical terms
What is a Neuro-otologist
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What is an Acoustic Neuroma? Val's diagnostic MRI Images April 02 Stereotactic Radiation (good intro)
How has it affected Val? Immediate post-surgery MRI images Stereotactic Radiation (thorough)
How bad is Val's AN? 8 mo. follow up MRI images Dec 02 Stereotactic Radiation U-Cal SD
Answers to questions people have asked 19 month MRI images Nov 2003 Staten Island University Hospital **
Prior to surgery, Surgery & 1 week after * 30 mo. comparison images Oct 6 How a LINAC works
Updates (1) from home April 2002 ANs of various sizes      Imaging
Updates (2) for May 2002 Val's tumor Growth Chart How CT Scans Work
Updates (3) for June 2002 Routes for AN surgery How does an MRI work
Update (4) for July 2002 Brainstem & Facial Nerves in skull      Cerebro-spinal Fluid
Update (5) for August 2002 Facial Nerve What is Hydrocephalus
Update (6) for September 2002  Fraying of Facial Nerve Ventriculo-perotoneal shunt
Update (7) for October 2002 Neck Musculature What is Papilledema

Update (8) for November 2002 

 CSF Circulation Blind spot self-demo   demo 2
Update (9) for November 16, 2003   About Diplopea-double vision
Update (10) for December 7, 2003    Off-site Illustrations How our balance system works
Update (11) December 20, 2003 Illustration of Surgical Removal       Seizures and Fainting
Update (12) for January 1st, 2004 Cranial Nerves inside the Skull About the drug Dilantin
Update (13) for July 16, 2004 V/P shunt routing What causes Fainting
Update (14) for Aug 25, 2004

     Others' stories

     Facial Palsy
Update (15) for Aug 29   Post-Shunt The Experience of Inez Petersen Neuroanatomy w/illustrations
Update (16) for Sept 5, 2004 Barrie Brinkman's Story Re-animation of paralyzed face
Update (17) for Oct 13, 2004 AN Patient Archive - Lots of info!
Update (18) for Oct 18, 2004      Thoughts
* Val's final journey Oct 20, 2004 On money, medicine & emotions
* Val's busy Afterlife! Oct 21, 2004
** Update on SIUH & Dr Lederman
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About this website:

On Wednesday evening April 3rd 2002, after returning from the doctor's office, Val and I began notifying friends and family by e-mail. The next day, Thursday, Valerie spent almost 15 hours answering the phone - and she had to use the same ear all day! This was clearly not an optimal situation.

So Thursday night, from 9PM until 2AM,  I wrote the core of this website, assisted with setup and navigation by my son, Ian,  to disseminate the information Val and I had. The next day, in response to people's feedback about the site, we added the "Answers" section. I have continued to add to it since in response to peoples questions, and to my own quest for understanding, and as personal therapy.

It was updated daily with Val's condition and circumstances while she was in the hospital in Missoula and until her condition and circumstances stabilized to where daily updates would have been repetitive.  Frequency of updates then dropped to every few days, then weekly, and through November 2002, monthly.  It has been updated with text and images from a 19 month follow-up MRI series in November and December 2003, radiation treatment in New York, and 27 and 30 month MRI images from July and October '04 with text to October 18th.

Valerie and I very much appreciate your love and concern, and are truly uplifted by your support. Thank you.

Thank you for using this website to stay in touch with Valerie's condition.

PS.  Please let me know if there are links that no longer work.         Thanks Joe

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and for Valerie.
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