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Images Comparison

October 8, Fri Here is one image from the latest MRI series compared with correlating images from previous series. Each is labeled and dated. All images are the same scale.

The images have been mirrored from the original MRI films to make it more intuitive to the layman that the tumor is on Val's left side. Physicians will find it confusing as they are trained to view imaged slices as if from underneath.

animation_axial_1of5.gif (74501 bytes)


animation_axial_2of5.gif (77950 bytes)


animation_axial_3of5.gif (65927 bytes)

Follow- up image after surgery after tumor consolidation.


animation_axial_4of5.gif (73194 bytes)

Just prior to radiation treatment.


animation_axial_5of5.gif (65111 bytes)

This is just prior to the shunt surgery, 7 months after radiation.

Gray areas in the tumor show where the blood circulation is impaired because of tumor cell death and consequently not taking up the dye that highlights the tumor.

It is uncertain whether the significant increase in size is due to further tumor growth, or to edema* due to radiation insult/injury. If it is edema, it should subside on it's own after a period of time - although that may be a year or more.

* (edema: swelling caused by an abnormal accumulation of fluid in body tissues)

30-month_axial.jpg (28136 bytes)

Note the swelling of the tissues in her cheeks due to water retention from the Decadron steroid.

  Dark areas in the brain adjacent to the tumor indicate 
  swelling and excess fluid from radiation damage to the

For an animated gif of these images consecutively overlaid for direct comparison, click on these links

Small animated gif of comparison images 1MB file

Large animated gif of comparison images 6MB file