Val's 8 month post surgery MRI images    December 4, 2002

Here are Val's 8 month post-surgery MRI images, put up next to the "before" images for comparison. I tried to select the ones that were most similar in cross section location to the first ones. All images have been mirrored so it is more intuitively obvious that the tumor is on Val's left side, and resized so that the centimeter scale in the images is the same.


horizontal_small.jpg (36981 bytes)
Before - axial view showing the largest dimensions of the tumor. The surgeons measured it at 5 x 4.2 x 3.8 centimeters. 
By the ovoid variation (V = 4/3 x Pi x L/2 x W/2 x H/2) for the formula for volume of a sphere (V=4/3 Pi r3) the tumor had a volume of 41.8 cubic centimeters.


8 months after - axial view also showing the remaining tumor at its largest horizontal dimensions. The surgeon measured it at 3.4 x 2.3 x 2.0 centimeters for a volume of 8.2 cubic centimeters - 19% of it's volume at surgery. 

Before - coronal view  Note the severe brainstem deflection. 8 months after - coronal view  The brainstem has recovered greatly, although somewhat oddly. Val's functioning is fine however. 


Here are the immediate post surgery images for comparison with the 8 month images.