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Val's final journey

Val slipped quietly away during the night - off to new adventures in other dimensions, a journey she has been looking forward to for some time now, but leaving those of us remaining here suddenly lost and bereft of her loving radiance.

Two days ago I saw, with new eyes, a saying that Val had posted years ago on the bathroom wall (in a spot convenient for meditating on it) and realized that it expressed most directly what she was about with her life - what she demonstrated with her every moment, thought and action, and how she managed to touch so many people so positively.  I think if she would want to pass on anything to others it would be this.


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Val asked that in lieu of flowers, a donation be made to Friends of the Bitterroot, a conservation group here that she belongs to and has worked for. They do a tremendous amount toward keeping this valley the beautiful place it is, that people want to live in because of its beauty and peacefulness. Their address is:
P.O. Box 442
Hamilton MT 59840


Thur Oct 21
Throughout the day Wednesday we kept hearing stories, in person and by phone and in e-mails, of Val's presence or spirit visiting people to inform them of her passing or comfort them. I have assembled some of them on this page

Oh, and one more thing... 
As far as messages Val might want to pass along, my son, Ian, reminded me of the glee Val found in eating desserts (specifically carrot cake) in her last week when she abandoned the strict diet she had been on for years.
She said it many times in those last long-short sad-joyful days: Life is short - eat dessert first!